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Report Fraud & Misconduct

Policy Statement

Anonymity is essential for the atmosphere of trust, openness and a firm assurance of confidentiality is imperative in order for a service like Tip-offs Anonymous to be a success. It offers the employee protection against victimisation, intimidation and being oppressed.

This policy serves to enable an employee to report any unethical activity and dishonest behaviour anonymously.

This policy does not apply to:

Personal grievances
Discipline and misconduct

What should be reported ?

Any wrong doing - Theft, fraud, Crime Syndicate Activities
Abuse of Company Vehicles
Not obeying company policies and procedures - Over-riding controls
Disclosing confidential information to outside parties, no sick leave
Approval, sharing of user ID’s or Access cards
Not obeying the law - Alcohol and substance abuse at work
Highly sensitive issues - Sexual harassment, nepotism, racism etc
Abuse of Company Property and Equipment
Collusion with external and internal parties
Theft of Time
Bribery and Corruption – Kickbacks from clients

To Who and how do we report any of the above?

Deloitte, a member of the Ethics Institute of South Africa will handle all tip-offs of any of the above. All tip-offs will remain anonymous, thereby ensuring that the employee does not feel threatened in any way whatsoever for reporting any form of injustice concerning their employer or a fellow employee.

Checklist before your call:

Date and time of incident or theft
Where did the incident take place?
Names of people involved
Grounds for your suspicions
What do you want to report?
Why do you believe it is unethical?

All employees are encouraged to use this free anonymous service in order for the company to create a culture of ethics and integrity as well as guarding against/pro-activeness of potential risks which may have adverse impact on the overall achievement of the organisational goals and objectives.

Call Tip-Offs Anonymous
Freecall: 0800 212 359

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